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Boosting Fertility Naturally

Because I know this is something that many friends struggle with, here's a snipit from National Bestselling Author, Gail J. Dahl.
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"Reproductive Exhaustion: If you have experienced years of hormonal birth control or have never had consistent cycles, you may need to boost your body’s mineral storage in order to regulate or help start your periods again naturally. Start taking a high quality prenatal vitamin and mineral, most often found at a health food store, that contains an abundance of minerals in the formula for the best value for your money and your body. If you are dealing with reproductive exhaustion it can take six months or longer before your fertility returns to normal. Although drugs are available to force your ovulation and periods, if you have not created the platform of health required it will be difficult for your body to avoid miscarriage. Replacing your lost minerals, increasing the protein and the water you consume, and increasing your daily exercise will help to boost your ability to conceive and your ability to carry your baby to the natural conclusion of pregnancy.

You can begin to take high quality prenatal vitamins and minerals for 3 to 6 months before conception to boost your fertility naturally. Prenatals will help you to avoid birth defects and miscarriage. Your partner can also take high quality prenatal vitamin and minerals to assist in boosting his fertility as well.

To further boost your fertility, increase the amount of protein that you are eating. When you snack, snack on protein. Adding more fruits and vegetables, organic if available, will also help to increase the mineral content of your body.

Increase the amount of water that you consume, when wishing to conceive, have water at your side to sip on throughout the day and evening.

To further boost your reproductive system you can have one cup a day of the women’s tea, red raspberry leaf, the woman's tea, can also help to boost your mineral supplies and fertility. This is also very soothing and restorative for a woman's entire hormonal system.

Increase daily gentle exercise to reduce your daily stress. Look to include a calming activity for yourself every day like warm baths, a nap, starting a hobby, writing, listening or playing music. Any activity that helps you to feel calm and quiet for about twenty minutes.

Learn to locate your 8 days of fertility in each cycle. By locating your ovulation pattern you will gain control over your fertility throughout your life. During sexual intimacy make sure you take advantage of the potent pre-ejaculate.

Changing your nutrition, increasing your exercise and reducing your stress level can help tremendously in boosting your fertility naturally. These steps will also ensure that you have all the building materials in place to create a healthy pregnancy and baby. Making these improvements and locating your personal ovulation pattern will help to boost your fertility naturally.

Cycle Pain:
If you feel your cycles are too heavy and too painful then the night before your cycle starts or at the very beginning of your cycle, have an ibuprofen (Advil) once, and this will help immediately with painful cramping and will most likely reduce your flow by half throughout your cycle. Learn when you ovulate so you can predict exactly when your next cycle will start. Always circle the first day of your cycle on your calendar, this is an important day. Check out Cycle Savvy for more fascinating cycle knowledge. Justisse also has an online guide for understanding our cycles and our bodies. Taking Charge of Your Fertility is an excellent program to follow. Learning when you ovulate will also help you to prevent pregnancy without drugs, if you are having occasional sexual intimacy, so that you can avoid or be doubly prepared on your days of fertility.

Cycle Myths:
Women are fertile all the time. Not true. Women are only fertile the three days of ovulation (when the egg is released). In fact, a human egg can only survive up to 24 hours after being released from an ovary. The reason women are fertile for as long as eight days per cycle is because sperm can live for up to five days if the fertile clear cervical fluid is present. Interestingly enough, it is men who are always fertile. Their pre-ejaculate contains the most potent sperm, use this to your advantage if you are desiring conception."

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